About Us

We are located in Long Beach, CA Tip Plus BMX Distribution is a manufacturer and distributor of top quality BMX products since 1986. All products offered by Tip Plus BMX Distribution are typically available for immediate delivery. Our diverse line offers a variety of opening, mid, and high price point products to cover your needs on all hardgood and Soft Goods needs from such brands as Cult, Federal, Lotek, Primo, Merritt, Fly Bikes, and ODI Grips. Should you have any questions or require authorized dealer information please feel free to contact us directly toll free at (800) 821-9443.

To reach our in house sales department you can call or email them Monday through Friday during business hours and someone will assist you ASAP.

Eric Stefano (800) 821-9443 Ext # 151  Email: estefano@tipplusbmx.com

John Warren (800) 821-9443 Ext # 106  Email: jwarren@tipplusbmx.com

Caleb Quanbeck (800) 821-9443 Ext # 150  Email: cquanbeck@tipplusbmx.com

Warranty questions can be sent to: tipwarranty@tipplusbmx.com

Fax: (310) 885-4316

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